Welcome on our site, let's share our vision of Creativity Management.

Creative people may look like "lonely persons having barely 3 big ideas in their life" or pure genius managing to have 4. Most of them don't actually know how they create and just wait for an idea to pop-up like a spontaneous spark.

Very creative people are mysterious and highly considered, or just some lucky blokes… Some build a creative environment by being under influence (sometimes with legal substances ;) or using esoteric practices involving superstitious behaviors or chickens.

Therefor, creating on demand or having a team work may sound like a challenge. Nevertheless (more in technical and scientific domains than artistic though) creative methods do exist! Strong of our experience and methods, we have demonstrated that "this was for real".

First we selected a very challenging domain, known for its huge amount of constraints and constant organic evolution : The bicycle. Then, we elected parts of this domain where innovation was a challenge : Transmission, inflating wheels after a puncture, pad braking, beverage or food supply, theft fighting.

This site shows some of the results we came up with (see French TV videos), at an average one a month rate, including commercial discussion and patent registering. Creativity CAN be managed, in this domain as in yours.

Disclamer : If, despite the time we spent looking for existing solutions, we present here something we believe is innovating but is not, please contact us and we'll correct it immediately. This would be a mistake from our side, and not a will to infringe existing copyrights or properties.