Pad Tip

Various models can be marketed, including the one represented hereby, including a rigid lip* (1) in PTFE on a soft body (2), positioned with a strut (3) on the pad (4).

Easy to fix, Pad Tip is very inexpensive to produce. It can be sold with several struts and some glue. Pad Tip can also be fixed on the bike before you buy it !

Quality perception is strong, shiny colors are perfect for this useful apparatus.

Despite the arrival of brake discs, the amount of brake pads sold every years is still HUGE, and just consider the installed base ! As Pad Tip is compatible with so many braking pads, just multiple "a lot" by "a lot".

Loads of criteria give Pad Tip the visibility and the market share to be a hit.


* Less expensive models have no rigid lip and clean the rim directly with the soft body.